Cambridge O Level School In Karachi
April 17, 2017

Cambridge School In Karachi

ROA provides quality Cambridge School education in Karachi

Academic achievement is often used as an indicator of school quality because it is easily measurable using standardized tests, while other outcomes may be more complex and less tangible. ROA provides an education program for young learners that combines a world class curriculum, high quality support for teachers and integrated assessment. ROA programs enable students to communicate confidently and effectively to develop the critical skills to respond to a range of information. These are some of the pre-requisite which ROA follows to be known as a good Cambridge system following school.

Beside academic program in the Cambridge school category, River Oaks Academy also provides the students with extracurricular activities on campus and off campus. Annual sports day is one important event that students wait for and prepare themselves during the year. Cambridge school usually pays more attention to the academic program and plan & often ignore the physical aspect of the students but at River Oaks Academy the thought process is a bit different. It is very important for the school to give special emphasis on the physical activities of all children.

There are several Cambridge schools in Karachi and River Oaks Academy is proud to be part of the Cambridge school fraternity catering to the educational needs of the children. There was a time when limited students use to follow the Cambridge education system and this was primarily due to the shortage of quality teachers. However, it is a completely different story now. The awareness has been created for the Cambridge school system and also professional have done courses from abroad within the education industry and have passed on the information to the local teachers here thus creating a healthy educational environment for schools. For every Cambridge school it is extremely important to have specialized teachers for subjects like Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economic etc River Oaks Academy applies a tough screening and demo classes process when hiring for teachers are finalized.

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