International Education In Karachi

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April 17, 2017
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International Education In Karachi

River Oaks Academy imparts quality international education

in Karachi along with activities that boosts the confidence of the children. River Oaks Academy is a school which values individual intelligence, thinking skills & creativity as highly as academics. River Oaks Academy is providing one of the best qualities as far as International Quality Education in Karachi is considered. During the past decade River Oaks Academy students have achieved the highest academic levels which eventually made it easy for them to get eligible to get admissions in some of the best Universities locally and abroad.

There are several schools in Karachi providing education as per the standard of International education and River Oaks Academy is proud to be part of that group. Ever since the inception of River Oaks Academy in 1996, the school has maintained the International education standards and imparting quality education to its students. During the preceding years the school’s children have won several completions at local & international level in the field of academics which highly speak of the standards maintained by River Oaks Academy. At the Harvard MUN held in 2015 two students of River Oaks Academy won awards which once again are a testimony of quality education. This particular event being held in Beijing-China consisted of students from different countries across the globe and competing with student from some very advanced countries was not an easy ride. In the end it all depends on how the training is conducted to the students.

River Oaks Academy applies special attention on organizing different theme projects on a regular basis for the junior and senior students. The junior school successfully did a project in different theme based categories which received applauses from parents and masses. The little ones did exceptionally well and the teachers played the key role in organizing such a lovely event. These are examples which qualify a school to fall in the category of International standard school. It is very easy to claim that a school is providing International education but how to measure their authenticity is a big question mark.

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