Cambridge System in Karachi Explained

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April 17, 2017
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April 28, 2017

Cambridge System in Karachi Explained

River Oaks Academy Cambridge System

There are two educational systems running side by side in Pakistan, matriculation and Cambridge. All federal schools and colleges prefer matriculation system because it is the official system of common wealth countries. However, Cambridge system is preferred by private schools that have an in-take of foreign students as well.

Cambridge System in Karachi: What you should know?

Cambridge System was introduced in late 1950s in Pakistan. It was adopted almost immediately by top private institutions of Karachi in order to come at par with the international students. At that time most families were migrating to other countries.

Cambridge O-level & A-Level:

Today,Cambridge international examinations (CIE) include O-level and A-level examinations for students. O-level exams also called as Ordinary-level exams are conducted to test if student is capable of moving to the second level. Second level is known as advanced-level or A-level.

The A-level exams are conducted by British council and the papers are checked directly by CIE. A-level exams are considered an entry to university. Bright students of A-level exams can easily get scholarship from western universities.

Today, majority of the students starting their high-school year go for Cambridge education in Karachi as Cambridge education provides wider set of opportunities to them.

If you are just starting out your high-school year and are unsure which schooling system is best for your then visit River Oaks academy for a free consultancy session. River Oaks is one of the top-of-the line O-level and A-level education providers in Karachi.

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