Quality School Education In Karachi

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Quality School Education In Karachi

Are you searching for the finest schools in Karachi?

The part of being a parent that I hate the most is not waking up at night to change the diapers of my newborn but searching for a school that can cater to his growing educational demand. Yes, finding quality school education in Karachi is like finding a gem in a haystack.

Everywhere you go, you will find schools, having vibrant outlook, shining uniforms, dazzling curriculum but when seeing the monthly fees, your jaw will drop, and you will find yourself spiraling inwards in your sub-consciousness, thinking why ‘education in Pakistan is so costly.’

However, there are places where your child can get quality school education in Karachi at moderate prices. Though as a parent you will need to think about a few things. Such as:

1. Child’s learning style

Not every kid is born equal. While searching for a school think whether the educational institute meets your son’s learning style. For example, some schools give the students homework while others forgot it. I prefer the latter option because I didn’t like doing the homework myself and it’s a waste of time. This also tells about the quality school education in Karachi.

2. Location of School:

You need to be in proximity of the school. Otherwise, your expenses will increase because either you will hire a van or drop him/her yourself.

Schools nearby can also have a positive effect on the child. Because the other students live nearby and the child doesn’t get tired because of the commute.

3. Safety:

It is a sad truth, but while living in Karachi, one has to look at the security of the school. Does the school have guards? Do they check every visitor before letting them enter? What if a grenade is tossed towards the school gate, is it secure enough to minimize damage to the insiders?

When you have selected a few schools that meet these indicators than move on to the second phase of shortlisting them. In your second phase, you can select the quality of education, the system of learning practiced and the fees of the school.

One such school that provides quality school education in Karachi is River Oaks Academy. The school is providing quality education in Karachi from last 20 years. It has two branches, one in PECHS and one in KDA. If you want a stress-free educational environment for your children and find it hectic to go through the above checklist then choosing River Oaks will be a decent choice.

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