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April 28, 2017
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May 13, 2017

Top British School in Karachi

Top British School in Karachi: How to check?

When I shifted to Karachi, I was confused about many things. One of those things were, where to take admission for my studies. At that time there was no internet to find the top British school in Karachi. So, I had to use the old technique of visiting each school and gauging it through a simple criteria I set.

Today, we have the internet. But the problem still prevails. Mainly because the institutes do not have a set parameter from where parents can judge their strengths. For example, when you search for Top British School in Karachi you will get multiple resources telling you about the school rankings. But none of these are verified. Therefore, my advice is to avoid them though you can get an idea of the schools and their curriculum through these sites.

So, how should you find the best British school in Karachi?


The easiest way to find a decent school is by looking at its curriculum and achievements made by its students. This is just one criterion though. To search for the best British school, use this factor in compilation with a few others. I.e.


Any national agency does not provide rankings of schools. However, if you search the University of Cambridge International Examinations collated lists of high achievers, you will find a few top schools from Karachi mentioned into that list. These provide the rankings of that school.


The third is the extracurricular activities of a school. The list of top achieving schools in extracurricular activities can be found on the interschool tournament website. These include British and non-British schools, but you get the picture.

Now you will have a few schools that are available in all three lists. That is how you find the top British school in Karachi.

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