Selecting An O-Level School In Karachi

International education in Karachi
July 24, 2017

What to look for while selecting an o-level school in Karachi?

Searching for an O-level school is quite different then the search that you did for schools previously. The high-school education focuses more on personality rather than knowledge. It is more about the student-teacher relationship because if that doesn’t go well, the next two years and the future of student will be in turmoil. That is the sole importance of finding a high caliber school for the students.

A few indications of a good school include the following. But these are not the sole reflectors of o-level education in Karachi, as there are many others that cannot be discussed in such a small article.

Standard of Education:

While the standard of education of o-level school in Karachi looks explicit on paper, the real standard of education is found by interviewing the students and their parents. The relationship with their teachers and how they cope with stress during exams is of utmost importance to notice prior to taking admission in a school. Apart from that, the way students understand is particularly different for each one and therefore require more attention.

Teacher skills:

Teachers available in these glorifying institutes are of highest caliber but if they are unable to inculcate the required knowledge in children, their need is vanquished. Thus, the teacher skills should be judged. This can be done by interviewing them and reviewing their worst students.


Curricular are important but they can’t go a long way without extracurricular activities. Thus, make sure to know what are the regular extracurricular available in the course and if the o-level school in Karachi abide by them.

Only after noticing these details, draw a line between schools that come at par your requirements and then make an aware decision.

River Oaks Academy appears fine on all these gauges for o-level school in Karachi. Therefore, if you live nearby PECHS or KDA then paying it a visit before making a final judgment is a wiser choice.

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