Welcome to The Riveroaks Academy - A Legacy of Excellence in Education Since 1996!

At The Riveroaks Academy, we take great pride in being an established brand that has been nurturing young minds since 1996. Our journey began with a vision to provide a conducive environment for learning and personal growth, and over the years, we have evolved into a premier educational institution catering to children from Montessori/Early Years all the way up to O-level.

The Cougars!

Whether cheering on our sports teams, leading school events, or simply gracing our school logo, the Cougar symbolizes the pride we take in our achievements and the unity that makes our school a second home for students and staff alike.

So, as we rally together under the banner of The Cougar, let us embrace its spirit of courage, strength, and community. Let us celebrate our individuality while cherishing the bonds that tie us together. Together, we will continue to make The Riveroaks Academy an inspiring and transformative place for generations to come. Go Cougars! Roar with pride!

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